Tuesday, July 3

To Mom...

You know when you are young and it seems that everything bad that you do that may not be the best for you, your mom told you not to do. Or your mom always knew, before you, that your last decision was not the best one, and then when you finally realize it.... is waiting for you. When I started college things started happening that made me realize more and more how much of a genius my mom is. Seriously, studying instead of watching a movie? Opt for mom's advice and I might have pulled an A in that class...

So I have come to the conclusion that "mom's REALLY do know best" or at least mine does. I recently had a break down. Called mom and broke down. Everything that is going on in my life right seemed to come crashing down upon me. I told her everything on my heart. She was so comforting. Of course she had been through what I had been through and told me it would be okay. Normally, I hate hearing that. I know that "everything will be okay" but what about until when it isn't!?? That day, it helped. Knowing that she really did understand and was saying those things out of true and genuine I-have-been-there wisdom.

Well, today she was proved right...again! Some things started falling into place like a slap in the face. "Why didn't I think of that before!" was what went through my mind. I immediately thought, mom was right. SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! WHY oh, why do I ever doubt her? The Lord really uses her in my life and I am so thankful. She is definitely a claming voice when I need it... Thanks Mom!

Thursday, June 28

Just what the doctor ordered?!???...

I finally talked to the neurologist yesterday and guess what he said...

I am completely normal.

Everything. The MRI was normal and the X-ray was normal. What?!? I mean, praise God! You can understand my confusion. I continued to ask questions about why and how and "I find it hard to believe"... I just didn't understand how if nothing is wrong then what is causing the problems I am having. What explains the headaches? What explains the way my body reacted to the adjustments? I asked the nurse all these questions and she had to get back to me. When I talked to her next, according to the neurologist, the day that I had the original x-ray the muscles in my neck were so tight and spasming that they actually pulled my head in the wrong direction. Hmmm. He said that happens sometimes. That still doesn't answer my questions... I am taking some medicine that is helping with the headaches, so I am going to keep taking that. My guess is that I will not have to continue with the adjustments, but may go back in for the acupuncture or electronic probes that loosen the muscles in my neck and back. Still up in the air though.

SO that is the deal. Great that it is nothing serious. Bummer that it doesn't answer my questions. I guess I would rather have unanswered questions than more potentially serious neurological problems. :)

Tuesday, June 19

Weight Watchers and an MRI

I really hate that so many things I am writing about happen to be negative. Life is just very crazy right now. Right when you think things could not possibly get more busy... You are proved wrong! :) I know that these are the defining times. The times when your character shines through... It is hard and very easy to get frustrated and angry. I just have to keep remembering that the things Clete and I are having to deal with right now is all under the protection of our Lord. He has his eye on us and is looking after us. That gives me such immense peace. When I start to really think about that; it makes me feel comforted. For lack of a better illustration, I feel like the Lord has us in his embrace. So peaceful. One of these days things will be a little more airy, more time to breathe...

I had my MRI today and th
ings went well. Loud and clicky... I should hear back tomorrow.

My car still has no engine.

HEY! Clete and I have been doing weight watchers!!



I have lost 12 lbs and Clete has lost 23 lbs!!!

Monday, June 18

What a weekend...

I really hate to be a downer, so I just want to give a brief synopsis of Clete and I's weekend travels and then I will move on... We both got off work a little bit early, so we were really excited about getting into Edmond at a realistic time. As we were driving through Archer City we started noticing that the car was making clanking noise. Clete was concerned, but I was just irritated that it was something else. We ignored it until we got to Wichita Falls and filled up with gas. It kept clanking and it was REALLY loud. People started to stare... So I called my dad and he could hear the clanking and immediately told me to turn off the car. Well, through the next unfortunate events we discovered that I had no oil. No I did not get any warning, no light, no temp gauge, no nothing! Needless to say, we spent the night in Walters with my aunt and uncle. My parents came to help get the car, and take us home. The car is being looked at today but we expect that it will need a NEW ENGINE... The upside is I get to drive my mom's Lincoln Navigator for a while!! :) Once we finally got home, we enjoyed a quick and enjoyable weekend with our dads. It was so great to see family and friends...We miss everyone!

Today is my appointment with the neurologist. I realized yesterday that I don't think I knew what the meant exactly. I had friends very concerned for me this weekend and it made me realize that I guess going to see such a specialist is a pretty big deal. Doesn't make me feel any better though. I guess since I don't feel like there is anything wrong with me, other than the headaches...that anything serious will come from this. Lord, let it be so... Clete has been so great. I just really love him! He is amazing!

Thanks everyone for the beautiful thoughts and prayers. I ask that you continue those especially through today. (around 2:45 maybe! :) ) I love you all!

PS. This photo was from a wedding of two great friends of ours.

Friday, June 15

Still Raining...

I am going to a neurologist.

After my adjustment on Wednesday I started seeing little sparkles in my vision and told my Dr. about it, and he immediately said I needed to go to a neurologist. Ugh. I am sort of nervous. I don't really know what he is going to tell me. I don't really feel like something is wrong with me; other than the headaches and neck pain... I don't know, I just want to know what is going on...

I read something today. I got this little daily book about Joy. Little reminders of things we are fortunate to have. Today it talked about friendship. How each individual person brings individual things to a relationship. If we can realize that not one person is the same physically, mentally, or emotionally I think we can all appreciate what each friend brings to our life. I think it is easy to get caught up in the ways that you don't click with people, including you closest friends, and we don't even think about how that person is so important to us, in their own way. A way that we may not even realize. I just want all of my close friends and not-as-close friends to know how much I love them. I am truly appreciative of the relationship that we share and the things that we can gain from knowing each other. If there is ever anything that you need from me, just let me know! :)

be appreciative of your relationships today... :)

Monday, June 11

When It Rains It Pours

Well, some may say, "When it rains, it pours..." I may have to agree with them. In the past 8 days Clete and I have: had no AC in the Rodeo, couldn't get the truck to start, found out that my neck is curved the wrong way, and realized how expensive life is. All of which seem to be of top priority. How, in the real world, does one run errands and take the car in without upsetting the "boss man"? I have decided that there aren't enough hours in my day.

Seriously, I found out a week ago that I am suffering from whiplash from the wreck. Exactly 3 years prior. To the day. Hmmm... I am now starting to see a chiropractor and see if he can realign me. It is going to be a slow process, similar to straightening teeth with braces. I have my first adjustment today and I am a little nervous. Last adjustment I was is serious pain the rest of the day... :-/ I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

*Keep me in your prayers.