Thursday, June 28

Just what the doctor ordered?!???...

I finally talked to the neurologist yesterday and guess what he said...

I am completely normal.

Everything. The MRI was normal and the X-ray was normal. What?!? I mean, praise God! You can understand my confusion. I continued to ask questions about why and how and "I find it hard to believe"... I just didn't understand how if nothing is wrong then what is causing the problems I am having. What explains the headaches? What explains the way my body reacted to the adjustments? I asked the nurse all these questions and she had to get back to me. When I talked to her next, according to the neurologist, the day that I had the original x-ray the muscles in my neck were so tight and spasming that they actually pulled my head in the wrong direction. Hmmm. He said that happens sometimes. That still doesn't answer my questions... I am taking some medicine that is helping with the headaches, so I am going to keep taking that. My guess is that I will not have to continue with the adjustments, but may go back in for the acupuncture or electronic probes that loosen the muscles in my neck and back. Still up in the air though.

SO that is the deal. Great that it is nothing serious. Bummer that it doesn't answer my questions. I guess I would rather have unanswered questions than more potentially serious neurological problems. :)