Monday, June 18

What a weekend...

I really hate to be a downer, so I just want to give a brief synopsis of Clete and I's weekend travels and then I will move on... We both got off work a little bit early, so we were really excited about getting into Edmond at a realistic time. As we were driving through Archer City we started noticing that the car was making clanking noise. Clete was concerned, but I was just irritated that it was something else. We ignored it until we got to Wichita Falls and filled up with gas. It kept clanking and it was REALLY loud. People started to stare... So I called my dad and he could hear the clanking and immediately told me to turn off the car. Well, through the next unfortunate events we discovered that I had no oil. No I did not get any warning, no light, no temp gauge, no nothing! Needless to say, we spent the night in Walters with my aunt and uncle. My parents came to help get the car, and take us home. The car is being looked at today but we expect that it will need a NEW ENGINE... The upside is I get to drive my mom's Lincoln Navigator for a while!! :) Once we finally got home, we enjoyed a quick and enjoyable weekend with our dads. It was so great to see family and friends...We miss everyone!

Today is my appointment with the neurologist. I realized yesterday that I don't think I knew what the meant exactly. I had friends very concerned for me this weekend and it made me realize that I guess going to see such a specialist is a pretty big deal. Doesn't make me feel any better though. I guess since I don't feel like there is anything wrong with me, other than the headaches...that anything serious will come from this. Lord, let it be so... Clete has been so great. I just really love him! He is amazing!

Thanks everyone for the beautiful thoughts and prayers. I ask that you continue those especially through today. (around 2:45 maybe! :) ) I love you all!

PS. This photo was from a wedding of two great friends of ours.